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Our Philosophies

One of the many reasons that Johnny Warren is in such demand is the fact that he is not a single method teacher. His influence has come from many great teachers during his forty years of teaching experience. This has enabled him to adapt to the needs of a very diverse clientele. For Johnny, the most important aspect in helping a golfer reach their complete potential is his ability to communicate the game in a precise, simple way, and to ground each student in solid pre-swing fundamentals. By building a solid foundation, a student will be able to develop a swing that is good for their individual body type.

During an individual lesson, a careful video analysis is generally followed by a customized practice routine. This includes the implementation of specific swing drills and/or exercises. Our approach greatly enhances and speeds the process of building a sound, repetitive swing.


Johnny Warren

“PGA” Director of Instruction

Adult (45 Minute Lesson)
$140 (per lesson)
$460 (four lesson series)

Junior (45 Minute Lesson)
$120 (per lesson)
$400 (four lesson series)